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Grasshill Purebred
Holsteins  &  Saanens

Grasshill Does
Lloyd & Barbara Wicks 
... Shawna, Holly, Emily & Matthew ...

3X Master Breeder
 CHAH accred.

102 Kenstone Beach Rd.
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada 
K0M 1A0
 Phone: (705) 738-2787 
 fax: (705) 738-4580 


N.B.  Now Available:   Click here for New Doe Photos & Info
(including 'Diana':  possible new World Champion 305 day record holder?)

Also, Info on our New 'Grasshill 10,000 kg Class'

Some Other Favorite High Producers:
Chablis  &  Lady (paternal sisters by Pollonade EX) 
Dorothy   (EX overall & mammary)
Tara (VG-89 EX mammary)
&  sister Gypsy  (VG-89 EX mammary)
 Tara's Sisters:  Shnooks & Sweet Pea (both EX)
Chablis' daughter:  Chelsea  (EX)
Tara's daughters:  Tipperary (EX)   &   Tiara  (EX)
From the Shamrock Lady family: Shillelagh, Shania, & Little Lady  (all EX)
Cersten (EX) - from dam with 1800+ kg, 4.8f
'Honey Dew', 'Patricia', 'Nadine', 'Nina', 'Tinkerbell'  (all EX)
'Gardenia', 'Orchid', 'Oreo'  (3 generations EX)
  'Bluebell',  'Delilah',  'Naomi',  'Caitlyn'  (all high VG)

(more info on our Does & photos to be added as time permits)

'Grasshill Shamrock's Lady' 
Ex overall, EX mammary
3 yr 9m 305d:  2471   92   79    (kg)
                  5436 lb milk --  202 lb fat -- 174 lb protein

3.7%f          3.2%p 
(pictured with approximately 10 lb milk in about 12 1/2 hours)
2 EX, 1 VG  daughters at Grasshill,  2 EX maternal sisters
'Lad' EX: a Grasshill herdsire
Lad's first offspring: extremely good udders and components, also good production
3 grandsons available by Dorothy's VG son '

'Sweating Acres Dorothy'
Ex overall, EX mammary
4yr4m4yr4m 305d:  1869 kg  4.2f   3.2p

 Below:  Lady's paternal sister  'Chablis 

Chablis EX overall EX mammary 

2yr1m 305d : 4673 lb (2124 kg)  3.9%f  3.0%p
339 day: 5080 lb (2309 kg)  3.9%f  3.0%p
-had triplets to start this record, milked straight through
 and freshened again with twins to start the record below

 3yr 3m 305 day :   4433 lb (2015 kg)  161 lb  3.6%f   128 lb  2.9%p

Two 2009 grandsons available sired by 'Nightrider' :                       
Their dam is Chablis' daughter 'Chelsea'  EX  (2459 kg)

Other 'Chablis' Offspring:  high producing 'Cherish'  EX
Also 'Champ' EX:  the sire of Trailblazer & Trendsetter
(both VG-89)
& also their full sister Tipperary EX
 Champ also has other EX daughters at Grasshill)


... for more 'historical'  info on our does & photos,
 please see
the 2003 Sale List...

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