GRASSHILL BUCKS  2009:  Some of Their Sires 


N.B.  Listed below are some of the sires of our bucks born 2009.  All of these sires have been carefully selected for what we feel is the best type and production we have to offer …

both total production and high components are considered.

With a few exceptions, most of these Herdsires are In Use Here & Not Available For Sale

… Following this list, some of our Available Sires are listed …
Check with us for



Lad:  An 'Excellent' grandson of Tara (VG-89, EX mammary, 2430 kg  4.7f  3.8p) and Lady (EX overall & mammary, 2471 kg 3.7f  3.2p), this buck is already proving that he can leave both Good Type & Good Production.
9 Lad daughters have now completed 305 day records at Grasshill. Kidding at an average age of 12.2 months, their average 305 day production was 1390 kg with components  4.0% fat, and 3.4% protein for average BCA values of 302-351-345.
As for type, this production is coming from good udders..
Lad's daughters already classified in their first & second lactation have all scored VG.

A limited number of Lad sons and grandsons are available for sale.


Nighthawk and Nightrider:                        (Nighthawk has been SOLD)

 full brothers from a pedigree with high production on each side.  The dam Naomi is a long, tall, level doe with 1288 kg 4.0f  3.8p in 305 days from just one side of the udder  (she had a bad case of mastitis before kidding the first time.. this was strictly a management problem). 
The 2nd dam had 1871 kg, and both were scored VG-89.

The sire of these bucks ‘Trailblazer’ combines 2 of our best families for production with records over 2000 kg on both sides…his dam’s last record (Tara) was 2430 kg 4.7f  3.8p.  Both this doe and the paternal dam of Trailblazer have milked straight through on at least one occasion, because we couldn’t get them dry before kidding the next time.
(Trailblazer’s sire had an EX dam who averaged over 2000 kg with no dry period between)

These are nice bucks with lots of body capacity.     


Diego:  High production and component, EX does on each side of the pedigree. 

Stylish dam Dorothy EX has 3 prior completed records with milk up to 1975 kg (305d),
to 4.7f   3.3p. Her last 305 day record is 1869 kg  4.2f  3.2p.

Sire’s dam Sweet Pea EX:  a 100% sister to Tara with 4yr6m 341d:  1961 kg  4.5f  3.5p.

Naomi (mentioned above) is also further back on the sire’s side.

This is a very well-made buck with good feet and legs.


Dynamo:  Dorothy (EX) x  Lad.

Lots of high production and component potential on both sides of this pedigree (see info for Dorothy and Lad above).
Dynamo’s offspring are also showing  a lot of dairyness and style.


Dynamite:  Dare (VG-89, EX mammary, super udder)  x  Dynamo (above).           -  SOLD

Although not huge, this Dynamo son is very well-balanced like his dam ‘Dare’, an average-sized doe with much greater than average type and production…  2yr7m 305d: 2461 kg  3.7f  3.1p.

Dare’s dam:  EX overall & EX mammary


Knight Prince:  A dairy, long, well-made buck from a VG doe with 1804 kg 4.8f  3.2p (in 305 days). 
This doe is a granddaughter of an EX well-known show doe who also produced well ‘Fantastic’.

The maternal sister of Prince: VG-89 overall, EX mammary, 2yr11m 305d: 2295 kg 4.01f  3.01p

The sire ‘Knight’ is from the Naomi doe above and the sire of Trailblazer (info above)


Detonator:                                                Available for Sale? 

One of our younger bucks from 2008, Detonator is not huge for his age, but is a very well-made son from ‘Knight’ daughter ‘Delilah’ and sire ‘Dynamo’ (info above).      
Delilah not only has good conformation, she also milks well…. 1yr3m 354d:  2067 kg  3.8f  3.3p


Tribute:  Named out of a growing respect for his dam Tara  (VG-89, EX mammary) whose
last 305day record is 2430 kg 4.7f  3.8p.

The sire of Tribute is Dynamo, from the same EX dam as Diego (above) i.e. Dorothy.

Dynamo’s sire is Lad, grandson of Lady EX (2471 kg 3.7f  3.2p) and paternal grandson of Tara. 
The dam of Lad is ‘Lass’, VG-89 3yr2m 305d: 2194kg  3.65f  3.1p.

Lad’s first 9 daughters to complete 305 day records (at an average freshening age of 12.2 mo) have averaged 1390 kg 4.0f  3.4p for an average BCA % of 302milk, 351fat, 345 protein. 
Certainly a tremendous production and component potential in this dairy well-made buck.  He is leaving large, exceptionally strong, well-made kids.


Laredo:   ‘Lass’ x ‘Trendsetter’  .. a grandson of Lady EX 2471 kg and Tara (2430 kg 4.7f  3.8p)

This buck is a maternal brother to Lad, from dam ‘Lass’ (VG-89 3yr2m305d:2194 kg  3.65f  3.1p).

His sire is a maternal brother to Lad’s sire, and full brother to ‘Trailblazer’ (all are ‘Tara’ sons).

He has lots of power and potential for both conformation and production.


Sunrise:  a long level well-made buck from Trailblazer (info above) and an EX doe with 1626 kg 3.3f  3.1p
and one of the nicest udders and best conformations we’ve ever had in our herd.


Corporal:  born April 26, 2007.  ‘Copper’ x  ‘Canuck’.                    SOLD

This is a buck we originally kept for our own use on account of  the high milk production on both sides of his pedigree (dam: 2155 kg  3.1f  3.0p, 2nd dam: 1901 kg  4.2f  3.3p), also because of the strong conformation displayed by his dam which has carried through to Corporal.

Canuck’s sire:‘Champ  (his dam  EX,  2074 kg  3.8f  2.9p;
his full sister VG-88  EX mammary, 2459 kg 3.3f  3.3p).
Canuck’s dam:  VG, 1804 kg  4.8f  3.2p

Canuck’s maternal sister is one of our best all-round does, classified VG-89 EX mammary (still too young to score EX overall) with 2yr11m 305d:  2215 kg  3.7f  3.3p.


Shanaghan:  born Feb 19, 2008.                             -  SOLD

A buck we originally planned to use as a herdsire, but didn’t have as much use for due to the similarity in bloodlines with many of our does.
Great potential though coming from his dam Sweet Pea EX (341d: 1961 kg  4.5f  3.5p) and sire Shenanigan (his dam a maternal sister of Lady EX 2471 kg).  Sweet Pea is also Tara’s 100% sister (2430 kg  4.7f   3.8p).


Buckaroo:  born June 29, 2008.   ‘Bluebell’ x ‘Target Nova’.  

A younger buck we kept from 2008 from one of our first-freshening ‘Lad’ daughters – a doe with nice conformation, good udder, and 1yr2m 325d:  1528 kg  4.1f  3.4p.

The sire is a son of Naomi (Nightrider’s dam) and the full brother to Trailblazer (Tara’s son).

‘Buckaroo’ has lots of body capacity and production potential… it will be interesting to see what this Lad grandson can do.


Navigator:  born April 8, 2008.                        -  SOLD

A tall, stylish Trendsetter son from a stylish VG-89 daughter of Naomi (Nightrider’s dam).
Two favorite families combined in this buck.



PREVIEW:  Grasshill Bucks Born 2009


 (N.B. The following list shows only a ‘sample’ of the bucks born this year at Grasshill.

  For a more complete listing, or ‘sale status’ updates, please check back often.

  Also, feel free to contact us  for more information 705-738-2787)


Shillelagh x Sunrise:  #1 and #2           (Both are SOLD)

Born Feb 2, 2009

These full brothers are both big strong good-looking bucks. Their dam has slightly longer hair..

The dam: VG-89, big, strong, good-uddered, 1429 kg  3.3f  3.2p

Dam’s Maternal Sister: Lady EX  2471 kg  3.7f   3.2p  .  Next dam: EX, 1840 kg

On the sire’s side lots of production potential to combine with the power of the dam of these bucks


Sugar x ‘Dare’s Dynamo’ ( the full brother of ‘Dynamite’ above):  #13 & #14  (#13 is RESERVED)

Born Feb 12, 2009

Dam: a Champ daughter with 1yr11m 305d: 1430 kg  3.3f  3.2p

2nd Dam:  EX overall, EX mammary,   4yr6m 341d:  1961 kg   4.5f   3.5p

Sire’s Dam:  ‘Dare’ (VG-89, EX mammary, 2461 kg  3.7f  3.1p),  Dare’s Dam: EX

Bucks are OK size, but not huge, like ‘Dare’


Jewel x Diego:  #15 and #16                           (Both are SOLD)            

Born Feb 12, 2009

Good-sized well-made bucks from a very nice dam with a really good udder.

Jewel: 1yr2mo 600d: 2618 kg  3.3f  3.1p (milked straight through a long lactation before being rebred).

Next Dam:  Jade (see her info listed under Buck #110 below)

Also lots of production and component potential from sire’s side.


Patricia x Diego:  #20                    RESERVED  for use at Grasshill

Born Feb 14, 2009                           (sons & daughters may be available early next year)

Dam:  Big powerful good-uddered doe,  2yr1m 639d:  3776 kg  3.8f  3.1p

2nd Dam:  EX overall, EX mammary,  6yr1m 305d:  1988 kg  3.3f  2.9p

Nice long buck


Dare x Knight Prince:  #23 and #24        (one of these bucks is RESERVED)   

Born Feb 15, 2009

Dam: a ‘Samuel’ daughter ‘Dare’ (VG-89, EX mammary, 2461 kg  3.7f  3.1p) .  Next dam: EX.

Not huge bucks, taking after their dam ‘Dare’, but made OK. (#24 slightly bigger than brother).


Navajo x Sunrise:  #25                       --  SOLD               

Born Feb 15, 2009

Good-looking buck from a powerful VG ‘Champ’ daughter with 2yr0m 305d: 1867 kg  3.2f  2.9p.

Navajo’s dam: EX overall, EX mammary. 2yr11m 305d:  2166 kg  3.1f   2.8p (last lact: 3.4f  2.7p).

Navajo’s maternal sister:  2258 kg  3.5f   2.9p


Lass x Diego:  #27, #28 and #29          (One of #27 or #28 is RESERVED)

Born Feb 15, 2009

Good strong bucks, #29 is not quite as large as the other two brothers.

Dam ‘Lass’:  VG-89, lots of power, good udder

3yr2mo 305d:  2194kg  3.65f  3.1p. (has tested 4.1f  3.3p in a prior lactation)

2nd Dam:  ‘Lady’:  EX overall & mammary, 2471 kg  3.7f  3.2p

Good milk & components on both sides of the pedigree with these bucks


Jess x Diego:  #32

Born Feb 16, 2009

Jess: 2yr8mo 305d:  1788 kg  3.9f  3.1p  (records up to 4.3f  3.3p)

Jess is a the VG maternal sister to ‘Tara’.  She’s a nice doe, average size, could stand more power.

Next Dam:  EX, high components

Lots of production and high component potential in this buck.  Not huge but OK.

He’s a maternal brother to high protein Jenny:  1yr3mo 305d:  1399 kg  4.0f  3.7p


Nadine x Sunrise:  #39

Born Feb 18, 2009

Nadine:  EX overall & EX mammary,  3yr11m 305d proj:  1830 kg  3.5f  2.7p  (at 203d)

Nadine's full sister:  VG-88, VG-89 mammary, 1yr2m 692d:  4019 kg  3.3f  2.8p (milked straight through)

2nd Dam:  Naomi VG-89, 1288 kg  4.0f  3.8p  (*from one side only)

3rd Dam:  VG-89, 1871 kg


Yvette x Nightrider:  #43                  --  SOLD

Born Feb 19, 2009

Big, good-looking buck from Yvette VG  2yr283d:  1521 kg  3.8f  3.1p


Rebel x Dynamite:  #45 & #46

Born Feb 19, 2009

Dam:  VG, 1yr2m 617d:  2697 kg  3.2f  3.3p   (milked straight through)

Dam's maternal sister:  1764 kg  3.5f  3.0p  (305d)

Strong bucks with lots of production on both sides of the pedigree.


Shnooks x Knight Prince:  #49          (This buck may be retained for use at Grasshill?)

Born Feb 19, 2009

Dam:  EX overall & EX mammary,   4yr7m 305d:  2158 kg  3.5f   2.9p

Shnooks is one of the best-uddered and best overall type does we have at Grasshill

Her Full Sister Sweet Pea is also EX overall & mammary,  4yr6m 305d:  1847 kg  4.33f  3.3p

Her 100% sister (same dam, sires are full brothers) is Tara VG-89, EX mammary, 2430 kg  4.7f  3.8p

Next Dam:  EX, high components


Shayla x Diego:  #52

Born Feb 20, 2009

Dam:  VG-88, VG-89 Mammary,  3yr0m 305d:  2073 kg  3.2f  3.0p

Maternal Sisters to Dam:  Lady EX overall & mammary, 2471 kg 3.7f  3.2p. Also Shania EX, proj 1885 kg

Next Dam:  Shamrock, EX, 1840 kg

This is a nice buck not overly huge, but correct conformation.

The sire's side should pass on good components as well as production.


Anna x Nightrider:  #58                    --  SOLD

Born Feb 21, 2009

Dam:  EX, extremely deep-bodied, dairy doe,  7yr6m 305d:  2066 kg  3.0f  2.7p

Nice, tall dairy buck--- good size.


Natalie x Knight Prince:  #59 & #60                 (Both are SOLD)

Born Feb 22, 2009

Dam: VG Champ daughter from Nadine EX overall & mammary.

Natalie's 1yr11m projected production (305 days):  2296 kg


Panda x Nighthawk:  #64                

Born Feb 23, 2009

Panda: nice, good-uddered doe

 - 12mo590d: 2536 kg  4.02f  3.8p (milked straight through)

 -  2yr8mo 305d proj:  1701 kg  4.2f  3.1p

Nice, deep-bodied buck.


Little Lady x Nightrider:  #67                  --  SOLD

Born:  Feb 23, 2009

Dam:  2yr7mo 305d:  1705 kg  4.1f  3.2p

2nd Dam:  EX overall & mammary, 2471 kg  3.7f  3.2p

Good big buck with lots of production & components in pedigree


Sweet Pea x Knight Prince:  #71                 --  SOLD

Born:  Feb 25, 2009

Dam:  EX overall & mammary,  4yr6m 341d:  1961 kg  4.5f  3.5p

Dam’s 100% sister:  Tara’, 2430 kg  4.7f  3.8p

Components & production in this pedigree


Petula x Sunrise:  #76                            --  RESERVED

Born:  Feb 27, 2009

Dam:  nice ‘Lad’ daughter, 1yr10m 305d projection (at 88 days): 1750 kg  3.2f  3.0p

2nd Dam:  Big powerful good-uddered doe,  2yr1m 639d:  3776 kg  3.8f  3.1p

3rd Dam:  EX overall, EX mammary,  6yr1m 305d:  1988 kg  3.3f  2.9p

Well-made dairy buck


Sheena x Diego:  #81

Born:  March 6, 2009

Sheena:  1yr2mo 305d:  1484 kg  4.04f  3.3p

Sheena is a big strong doe who could pass on longer hair

3rd Dam:  EX, 2471 kg  3.7f  3.2p

N.B.  This buck is not huge, but he’s made right. 

Good production & components coming from both sides of pedigree


Erin x Nightrider:  #84                             

Born:  March 10, 2009

Erin:  2yr11mo 305d:  1854 kg  4.0f  3.2p

2nd dam:  also 4.0% fat

3rd dam:  2471 kg  3.7f  3.2p

N.B.  This is a really nice buck but he’s not huge.  Just average size in his dam and maternal grand-dam.


Dorianne x Nightrider:  #86

Born: March 10, 2009

Dorianne:  Beautiful uddered, tall, stylish doe.... the full sister of Grasshill herdsire 'Dynamo'

VG-89 overall, VG-89 mammary (too young to classify EX)

1yr0m 305d:  1255 kg  3.8f  3.6p.      2yr0m 305d projection:  1969 kg  (at 183 days)

Not huge, but a very well-made buck with lots of type, production & component potential.


Diva x Sunrise:  #88                    (This buck may be retained for use at Grasshill?)

Born:  March 10, 2009

Dam:  Diva, our largest doe, getting enormous size, scale, capacity & dairyness from her dam 'Dianne', a doe
we purchased just for that reason.  Diva is also passing down that trait in her daughters, especially in  'Diana'.

Diva:  1yr10m 701d: 4027kg  3.1f  3.2p (milking straight through for 710 days).  Records up to 4.1f  3.5p.

#88 buck's maternal sister:  'Diana' (VG-88), 1yr0m 305d:  1481 kg  3.3f  3.1p.  This lact proj:  2672 kg.

This is a deep-bodied buck with lots of capacity.


Windy x Nightrider:  #92 & #93

Born March 12, 2009

Dam:  1yr11m 305d:  1132 kg  3.3f  3.2p

Next Dam:  Wendalyn,  3yr11m 305d:  2168 kg  3.6f  2.9p

3rd Dam: Chablis EX , *2 of her records averaged over 2000 kg each with no dry period between.

Good dairy bucks with lots of capacity and potential for production.


Jenny x Diego:  #96 and #97                             (Both are SOLD)

Born:  March 15, 2009

Jenny:  Nice young doe with high components especially protein

1yr3mo 305d:  1399 kg  4.0f  3.7p

Great production & test on both sides of pedigree

Nice dairy bucks with lots of  style


Dewdrop50T x Knight Prince:  #100 & #101

Born March 16, 2009

Dewdrop:  one of 2 high-scoring 1st lactation full sisters sired by 'Target' (Trailblazer's full brother, see above)

VG-88, VG-89 mammary,  1yr11m 305d projection:  2214 kg  (at 177 days)

2nd Dam:  'Dew', EX overall, EX mammary,  1931 kg  3.73f   3.3.1p (305d).

This lactation Dew's 305 day projection:  2268 kg  3.8f   3.0p  (at 203 days)

Next maternal dam:  also EX overall & mammary, high components

The sire of these bucks also has strong production credentials... especially for components.


Queen x Nightrider:  #105

Born March 16, 2009

Dam: 1yr2m 622d: 2741 kg  3.6f  3.2p (milked straight through), this lactation 305d proj: 1928 kg  3.7f  2.9p

VG-85, VG-87 mammary

Maternal Sister to Buck #105 (sired by Lad):  'Queenie',  1yr1m 305d:  1245 kg  4.4f  3.5p.

Queenie's 305d  projection this lactation:   2259 kg  3.5f    3.1p

3rd Dam:  Cinderella,  VG doe with 1804 kg 4.8f  3.2p (in 305 days)  (dam of 'Knight Prince')

This is a tall, nice buck with good leg set and all kinds of production & component potential


Gardenia x Sunrise:  #107

Born March 17, 2009

Dam:  EX,  4yr9m 305d:  2148 kg  3.5f   3.2p.  A dairy, deep-bodied, large, 'hard-working' doe.

Gardenia is the 1st of 3 generations EX, her great grand-daughter will probably also score EX.

Good buck.


Jade x Laredo:  #110

Born March 17, 2009

Dam:  Long, tall doe. VG-89 overall, VG-89 mammary.  1yr11m 241d:  950f   4.1f   3.0p

3yr11m 305d:  1630 kg  3.0f  2.7p.

4yr11m 305d:  2107 kg .  This lactation's 305d projection:  2440 kg  (at 176 days)

Nice deep buck.  Good leg set.


Nouvelle x Knight Prince:  #114 

Born:  March 18, 2009

Nouvelle:  1yr11mo 305d projection (this could change):  2034 kg  3.9f  2.8p

2nd Dam:  1288 kg  4.0f  3.1p  -- from one side of the udder only

3rd Dam:  1871 kg

Nouvelle’s Sire:  a full brother of Trailblazer, whose dam Tara has 2430 kg  4.7f  3.8p

Lots of production and component potential

Nice buck, not huge


Cersten x Tribute:  #123   --        RESERVED  for use at Grasshill

Born:  March 19, 2009                    (sons & daughters may be available early next year)

Cersten:  2yr11mo 305d:  2295 kg  4.01f  3.01p, VG-89 overall, EX mammary

- Great rear udder on this doe

2nd Dam:  1804 kg  4.8f  3.2p  (305d)

Sire:  ‘Tribute’, son of ‘Tara’, 2430 kg  4.7f  3.8p  and Dynamo  (see info on Sires)

This is a really nice dairy buck, good legs, all kinds of production & component potential


Naomi x Sunrise:  #131, #132, & #133 -     One of these bucks is SOLD, one is RESERVED

Born March 20, 2009                                    

Dam:  VG-89,   1288 kg  4.0f  3.1p (305d) from one side only

These bucks are extremely well-made & balanced bucks with type, production & component potential.

The maternal brothers to Nightrider and Nighthawk


Crissy x Sunrise:  #135                   

Born:  March 21, 2009

Crissy:  2yr9m 625d:  2186 kg  3.8f  3.5p  (milked straight through)

She’s a very strong doe with high protein.

The buck is a long tall buck for his age.  He might ‘drop off’ a bit in the rump now, but his sire and dam are both very level, so this could just be a stage he’s at that will change.


Jazz x Sunrise:  #139

Born March 21, 2009

Dam:  A 'Lad' daughter, VG-87 overall, VG-89 mammary.

Just milking in her first lactation

Components on the dam's maternal side aren't as high, but production is good on both sides of the pedigree, and components should be improved by the sire's side and Lad.

Nice buck.


Gypsy x Knight Prince:  #145

Born March 22, 2009

Dam:  VG-89, EX mammary, 1803 kg  3.6f   3.4p

Full sister to Tara, VG-89, EX mammary,  2430 kg  4.7f   3.8p

This is a long, nice buck  (one scur) with strong credentials both sides of the pedigree.


Fantasy Dare x Sunrise:  #146 & #147

Born March 24, 2009

Dam:  A very well-made 'Knight' daughter of 'Dare' VG-89, EX mammary

'Fantasy Dare' got mastitis before kidding the first time, but this was a management problem, not genetic...

2yr0m 305d proj (at 161 days):  1237 kg  3.2f  3.0p (*milking from 1 side only) (last test 3.8f  3.1p)

These bucks are very well-balanced like their dam & maternal granddam 'Dare', an average-sized doe with

much greater than average type and production…  2yr7m 305d: 2461 kg  3.7f  3.1p.

Dare’s dam:  EX overall & EX mammary

#146 is not huge,  #147 is larger but this buck also has a large set of horn scurs that we 'missed' .

These bucks probably won't sire 'huge' offspring, but they should have great genetic potential for type & production.


Pansy x Diego:  #162

Born April 5, 2009

Dam:  EX overall, EX mammary,  1988 kg  3.3f  2.9p

Very nice, dairy buck from an extremely deep, dairy, well put together doe.


Cinderella x Shanaghan:  #167

Born April 13, 2009

Dam:  VG,  1804 kg  4.8f  3.2p (in 305 days), the dam of 'Knight Prince' above

A smaller buck with high production and components on both sides of  the pedigree.


Cinderella62T x Shanaghan:  #187

Born May 14, 2009

Dam:  another promising 'Lad' daughter from 'Cinderella' (above)

VG-88 overall, EX mammary,  1yr1m 305d:  1502 kg   3.9f   3.5p

Next Dam:  'Cinderella',  VG,  1804 kg  4.8f  3.2p (in 305 days)

This buck looks quite promising... good size, well-made, and good type & production potential.



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