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Grasshill Purebred
Holsteins  &  Saanens

Grasshill Farm Ltd.
Lloyd & Barbara Wicks 
... Shawna, Holly, Emily & Matthew ...

3X Master Breeder
 CHAH accred.

102 Kenstone Beach Rd.
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada 
K0M 1A0
 Phone: (705) 738-2787 
 fax: (705) 738-4580 





..Holstein News:  We still own Holsteins & are.
..involved in sourcing Top Quality Genetics for export
Saanen goats have now earned an equal place in the Grasshill 'picture' due to their immense productive & reproductive potential ...

Goats are NOT Small Cows though!!!


 Other News: 'Xmas' Present!
Narrator's 1st Milking Daughter ...

  Purebred Saanen Semen Currently Available.
.from 4 of our Top Bucks:
  Narrator,   Trailblazer,   Trendsetter
   & Champ ! (more info on Champ below)

."Diana, what more could we ask of you?".

  World Class 'Diana' ...3688 kg (305 day)
 .Total Lactation (387 days):   4030 kg !!!..
Member of our 'Grasshill 10,000 kg Class'

Diana's Sire: 'Grasshill Honour's Champ' EX
(combining the genetics of Chablis &Jaklyn )

    - - - 24 daughters kidding at avg age 24.4 mos averaged 1738 kg  3.31f  3.14p  (305d)
16 daughters classified have averaged
      VG overall & VG mammary

. Contact Grasshill for December 2014 Buck List    
. Bucks available from our best families combining  .production & type: Chablis, Tara, Dorothy, Naomi etc

... Also, Grandsons available from DIANA!! ...


..Saanen News:  Export available:  .
... Saanen Does, Bucks, Semen & Embryos ..     
   Strong Pedigrees behind our Does and Bucks: 'Shamrock' & 'Jaklyn'  family members below.. (Tara's sisters: 2nd, 3rd & 4th from left)

For Info on Frozen Semen from Tara's 2 Sons
& Champ, see brochure  
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Above: Grasshill Derry Queen VG
1st 4yr old & Gr Champion 2007 Lindsay B&W Show
1st Sr. 2yr: 2006 Quebec Spring Show
Nom. 2005 All-Canadian Milking Yearling

Above: Grasshill Shamrock's Lady EX 2471 kg  
#1 Canada & USA producer 2004
Her dam: our EX foundation doe 'Shamrock'


Foundation Doe:                                                      
CH Hy-Crest Juno's Jaklyn (2E)
2003 All Canadian Sr. Saanen
Most of the Grasshill herd is related to this champion

Paternal Sister to Lady pictured above):                   
Chablis  EX, EX mammary 
milked straight through with triplets, twins and two 305 day records averaging 2000+ kg



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