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Grasshill Purebred
Holsteins  &  Saanens

What's New
Lloyd & Barbara Wicks 
... Shawna, Holly, Emily & Matthew ...

3X Master Breeder
 CHAH accred.

102 Kenstone Beach Rd.
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada 
K0M 1A0
 Phone: (705) 738-2787 
 fax: (705) 738-4580 

Most Recent News- 

Saanen News- 

World Championship 305 day Production?
Grasshill Champ's Diana VG-88
Diana' has just completed her third lactation over 3000 kg!
 4yr9m:  3688 kg in 305 days
which is the highest 305d record we've ever seen listed-- possibly a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP?

Now milking in her 5th lactation
she's produced 15120 kg to date
& 12 kids (5 daughters, 7 sons)!

Click here for photos & info
'Diana' & our new
 'Grasshill 10,000 kg Class'

Diana's Genetics Available:
from s
on 'Dynamite', 
daughters 'Dolly' and 'Daisy Mae',

 sire 'Champ' & Sisters
(amazing depth of pedigree in this family
Increases Predictability!!)

 More News:         
 Herdsperson Positions Available

2013 Bucks
 now 'arriving'

New Bloodlines

12 Bucks Scored:
All  EX or VG --- Several
EX & VG does

For info on available
 does, bucks, semen

Contact Grasshill 

Jan 2013 Buck  Sale List:
 Grasshill 2011 Bucks Available

   N.B. For more info on any of these Bucks,           or a Listing of 2012 & New 2013 Bucks ...
Please contact us for  more options.

Frozen semen
available (qualified for export) :
 Grasshill Champ's Trailblazer VG-89

(his full sister 'Tipperary'  is now EX)

Other Bucks That Have Been Collected:   
- Trailblazer's Sire 'Champ' EX             
- His full brother 'Trendsetter' VG-89
 'Grasshill Narrator':  Persistency Pays!

 Still Doing Well at Grasshill:
Grasshill Toro's Lad  EX
9 'Lad' daughters have now completed
305 day records at Grasshill
kidding at an average age of 12.2 months
Average 305d prod:  1390 kg   4.0f   3.4p
Average BCA %:
Milk     Fat    Protein
Lad's Daughters Classified All Scored 'VG'!!

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