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Grasshill Purebred
Holsteins  &  Saanens

The 'Lighter' Side
Lloyd & Barbara Wicks 
... Shawna, Holly, Emily & Matthew ...

3X Master Breeder
 CHAH accred.

102 Kenstone Beach Rd.
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada 
K0M 1A0
 Phone: (705) 738-2787 
 fax: (705) 738-4580 


"Guess who's coming to dinner?"...
starring Brother Lucas
 & Laser...
Also known as 'the Last Unihorn

“Sometimes we need to look at life
 from a different angle,
 Put ourselves in someone else’s ‘shoes’,
 Take ourselves a little less seriously"

 – this wisdom from our blonde
 but ‘Not So Nutty Professor’ (pictured below)
 – who always reminds us of  the value of looking at things from  a new perspective

 ... ‘the lighter side’ ...

"Sister Act 3" --special hijacking episode
...with 'The Ladies in Black' (& blue)
(Barbara, Sister Macrina, Mother Raphaela) 
Co-stars: 'Pearlina' & 'Destiny'

'Me and My Shadow'... with Lynn Lightbody & special 'sidekick' Cherry
-Lynn's smile has lit up
 a number of lives & without a doubt she is our nomination for
Best Leading Lady of 2003
"Thank you"...  Lloyd, Barbara & Jaklyn 

The ‘Lighter’ Side
-rarely viewed photos from episodes of
  Grasshill’s ‘not so rich’ and ‘infamous’

©2002 Grasshill Farm Ltd. All rights reserved

The Taming of the Shrew” ...
another ' Odd Couple'

(... out to lunch)

Close Encounters of the Outside the Country Kind’ – with its sequel: 
Honey, I shrunk the Sisters …!
 -featuring 2 really good sports from Zoar Farms, NY & the‘Friendly Giant’ 

'Crocodile Caygeon'

-starring REAL 'crocks'

The Running of the Bulls"...
with 'The Lone Danger'
 & his Saanen Buck 'Silver'
(we grow them big here in Bobcaygeon)

*** Check back again for other rarely viewed photos from episodes of ...
 Grasshill's   'Not so rich'  and   'Infamous'

...  We certainly have lots of episodes! ...



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