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Grasshill Purebred
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Cow Families
Lloyd & Barbara Wicks 
... Shawna, Holly, Emily & Matthew ...

2X Master Breeder
 CHAH accred.

102 Kenstone Beach Rd.
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada 
K0M 1A0
 Phone: (705) 738-2787 
 fax: (705) 738-4580 
Main  Cow  Families  at  Grasshill
more production info & photos to follow -
Terry Lynne
Fixation Others

Can. Champ. Prod.
terry lynne,2001.jpg (13418 bytes)
Terry Lynne VG-88
6yr 305d: 18581 kg
40964 lb
5.93% 3.28%
BCA: 356-576-376
8 Sup Prod awards

New Canadian Champ
-all time high fat 8yr old

Shadow 200.jpg (30798 bytes)
Shadow VG-87
6yr 365d: 22891 kg
50465 lb 4.0% 3.1%
BCA:355-380-348  SCC: 18
12 Sup Prod awards
Granddam of 'Sabre'

tiffany.jpg (12853 bytes)
Tiffany EX

5yr 365d: 18365 kg
40487-1336-1259 lb
6 Sup Prod awards

Fixation 200.jpg (32812 bytes)
Fixation GP-83-2yr
2yr 365d: 17304 kg
38069  1322  1221  lb
Offspring: 10 daughts below
- sons in Canada, France,
Holland, UK

Kaley EX
4yr 365d: 17579 kg
38674-1335-1168 lb

Traces back to:
2 Can. Champ. Prods
Starlite Madge VG
Marionnette VG
Marionnette.jpg (12243 bytes)
BCA: 304-326-336
Traces back to:
Elevation Sue EX
Tiffany's 2 full sisters:
(from Truth)
(by Astre Starbuck)
Taffy VG-86
Tessa VG-2yr
Traces back to: 5* VG Granddam, Calbrett Aurora

Dohbell Jabot Aurie VG-87
2yr 305d: 21663  737  741  lb
From: Rio EX Family

Rose VG-88
Renee VG-87
Renegade VG-87

Also to Show-Winning
Top UK Producer:

sold to McCollums, NI
2yr365d: 32793-1112-1065 lbs
Highest yielding 2yr old
Northern Ireland, 1995
Shadow's daughter::
(by Lindy)
shade.jpg (12638 bytes)
Shade VG-87
4yr365d: 20437 kg 4.0% 3.1%
44961-1782-1401 lb
BCA:348-361-334  SCC:24
3 lact to date: 112430 lb

Offspring: 'Surprise'
- 'Sabre' son- semen avail.
'Shanahan'  (Lee son)
- pregs by 'Good Luck'

Tiffany's dam:

(by Tab)
Truth 200.jpg (32943 bytes)
Truth VG-88 6*
7 lact total:
 233209 lb 9821f 8139p
4.2%f  3.5%p
Daughts: 1EX,4VG,2GP
Fixation's daughter:
(by Leduc)

63" 2 yr old

... Just fresh ...
-to be pictured Jan/03

Black Kandy VG-87
Dam: Kandy Cane EX

May/02 Rudolph 

Terry Lynne's daughter:
(by Astre Starbuck)

Astre Terry VG-88
Offspring: 4 daughts below
'Champion' son - Nov 5/02
Shade's daughter:
(by Progress)

Surprise GP-83 (2 yr)

- baby 'Champion'

Taffy's daughter:
(by Aeroline )
Toffee 300.jpg (65956 bytes)
Toffee VG-88
2yr 305d: 11608 kg
25712-959-817 lb
Fixation's daughter:
(by Leduc)
- born June/00


... Just fresh ...
-to be pictured Jan/03

Bess VG-89
-traces back to
 EX Bootmaker
family in
the USA
Astre Terry's daughters:
(by Aeroline)Talia & Tamarack

Tamarack 300.jpg (71199 bytes)
Tamarack VG-88 3yr 
- due 2003 to Lheros

Offspring: 'Turtle' VG-85 2yr
(by La-Poe Shark)
- '
Tequila' (by Igniter)
bred Jan 18, Champion
- '
Tapdance' (by Emerson)
due Feb/03, Champion
Shadow's daughter:
(by Wade)

Black Shadow GP

- Dec/02 'Lee' son
- 'Igniter' daught.
bred to 'Brant'

Tiffany's daughter:
(by  Leadmaster)

Tizz VG-86
2yr 365d: 14895 kg
32769 lb  4.0%  3.2%

BCA: 332-348-326

Breeding age
'Louie' son
available (Jan/02)
Fixation's daughter:
(by Gibson)
- born Oct/00


-due Feb/03 to 'Sabre'


Carrie VG-88
Cass VG
Astre Terry's daughter:
(by Lee)

Terry Lee VG-87 2yr
to be pictured Jan/03

Aerowood sons
- 7 Morty & 1 Champion
embryo implanted
Shadow's daughter:
(by Rudolph)

(bred to Triumphant)
Full sister to Tiffany EX
(by Astre Starbuck)

Tessa VG-85 2yr
2yr 365d: 
26624  840  847  lb

Contessa' VG  & full
sister '
(not fresh yet)
Fixation's daughter:
(by Addison)
- born Jan/01


... Just fresh ...
- purchased by
L. Sims

Lora VG-2yr-86
4 EX dams 
Astre Terry's daughter:
(by Convincer)

Terry's Miracle GP-83 2yr
-to be pictured Jan/03

Offspring: Aerowood son
- 7 Merchant embryos
(3 implanted, 4 qualified 
 for export)
Shadow's daughter:
(by Rudolph)

(bred to Morty)
Tessa's daughter:
(by Lee)

Contessa VG-86 2yr
2yr 305d: 
30569  1122  977  lb
BCA: 360-352-355

-fancy Sept/02 
'Derry' daughter
Fixation's daughter:
(by Addison)
- born Jan/01


-due soon

Susan Lee VG-87-2yr
(same family
as 'Broker')
UK Show Winner:
van magique,jpeg.jpg (13020 bytes)
Van Magique EX
-Champion, Best Udder &
Sup.Prod. winner
BHS Autumn Show/94
-nominated All-Britain  Senior Heifer in Milk, 1993
Shadow's daughter:
(by Rudolph)

(born July/02)
Truth's daughter:
(by Blackstar)

Trudy VG-86 2yr


2 Wade daughts
-Bred to 'Sabre'-

Fixation's daughter:
(by Addison)
- born Jan/01


-due soon

Della VG-2yr
Van Magique's Mat. Sister:

Majesty EX
Offspring: 3 'Jolt' daughters
(1 bred 2 mos, 2 younger)
- 1 Jan/02 Louie daught.
- 15 'Hi Metro' embryos
- 9 'Derry' embryos
Shadow's daughter:
(by Derry)

(born Aug/02)


Truth's daughter:
(by Rudolph)

Tina VG-86 

Fixation's daughter:
(by Igniter)
- born May/01


-due soon

Destination VG-86
3rd Dam: Dulcie EX
Another branch of family:

Advent VG-88
Full sister: Angel VG-86
 Angel's daughter:
Angela VG
(by Maloya Leo)
Shadow's son:
(by Champion)
... a nice 
Truth's granddaughter:
(by Lee)

Tapestry VG

Other Fixation

- 3  July/02  ET
daughters  by  'Allen' 
(not bred yet)

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